2022 Leadership Awards

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2022 Leadership Awards

The students listed below have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, in campus leadership, and in service. Their commitment to their education and to Nebraska Wesleyan University have enriched our campus and demonstrate Nebraska Wesleyan's core values of excellence and community.


Nebraska Wesleyan University’s chapter of 蓝色的键 began in 1920 as a local student honorary called “The Purple Dragon Society.” Seven years later, this group is affiliated with the national 蓝色的键 Honor Society. 蓝色的键 membership is composed of outstanding students with potential for development into active citizens; community leaders; and loyal, informed alumni. Juniors and seniors are selected by current 蓝色的键 members based on their achievements in academics, extracurricular activities, leadership and service to their communities

Jocelyn Bergt Michael Biertzer Lauren Collins
Annie Cooper 梅根·库珀 Paige Cunningham
埃弗里德克尔 Lindsey Dittmar Jasmine Doell
杰米Dolph Megan Eisenbarth 凯尔Goodban
罗宾感谢 Makenzie Haskins Rowe Rachel Janecek
Alex Lollmann 雅各布·梅森 Marlon Orellana
阿什利Parde Kathryn Phillips Ellie Roselius
Joran Teijema Matthew Utley 泰勒•韦尔奇

学生生活 Leadership Award

Selection for the 学生生活 Leadership Award is based upon senior students’ scholarship, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to Nebraska Wesleyan and potential for future achievement. A committee of faculty, administrators and students discusses each student’s qualifications. Students selected represent a wide range of academic disciplines and extracurricular endeavors.

Spencer Anderson* Samantha Barrata Holden Christian
Madison Cockerill 萨拉·柯蒂斯 杰森这时警报声响起
Josephine Fails 雅各Garnas Brady Harrison
Sybil Heffernan Alexis Hergott* Annie Johnson
Anthony Krick Emma McGinnis Alexis Ortega
Jaqueline Ortega 凯尔·奥特 Kamryn Pfenning
玛丽Pinnell Paige Ravenscroft* Sergio Rodriguez
Colin Swanson Juniors: Marlon Orellana 艾比斯

*Students previously inducted into 蓝色的键

肯尼斯·R. Holder Memorial Award

Dr. 肯尼斯·R. Holder made many significant contributions to student development and learning as Professor of English and Provost of Nebraska Wesleyan University. As a tribute to him through his courageous four-year battle with cancer, 学生生活 established this award to be presented to a graduating senior who has overcome significant challenges in attaining a baccalaureate degree at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Danielle Reab

院长B. Stewart Award for Courage

The Dean Stewart Award for Courage is presented to a student, staff or faculty member who has displayed remarkable courage in the face of overwhelming odds or barriers. The award is named for Dean Stewart, a Nebraska Wesleyan alumnus and Phi Kappa Tau member. The recipient of this award demonstrates that courage is not the absence of fear, but it is doing what must be done in its presence.